Selling A Feeling, Not A Sporting Firearm

The Charles Jordan develops entire marketing platform to create a world wide brand for sporting firearms company. Brand is rooted in a most sacred relationship; one relatable to potential markets participants, one that avoids brand parity, and one that welcomes new influential and inspiring messaging.
“Charlie, I am glad you are not next to me right now because I could kiss you right now. This is awesome!”

Alan Thompson, Partner
Baserri Shotguns
Eibar, Spain
Houston, Texas

A Brand Led By A Belief

El Campo, Texas based Tough Country; truck bumper and accessories company, implements the strategic marketing road map and repositioned brand presented by The Charles Jordan Group. Brand depicts the character, values, and lifestyle of the owners of the company and completely revamps value proposition; one that welcomes new markets, new partnerships, and new revenue numbers. Two key partnerships created are Tough Country as the official bumper of the National Rifle Association & of The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.
“ Charlie, I just finished closing our largest sales month since I have been here! And I started here 4 years ago.”

Tony Brooks
Chief Sales Officer

Communicating Tangible Value

The Charles Jordan Group is tasked with managing the statewide brand, value proposition, and messaging of the The Georgia Bankers Association Insurance Trust (GBAIT). Created in 1965, the GBA Insurance Trust provides quality products and service, while offering cost-effective medical plans, to 90% of the community banks in the state of Georgia. Marketing strategy is guided by communicating the established and clear cost saving benefits to becoming a member of the trust.

Making Georgian Banks Healthier

The Charles Jordan creates for Georgia Banking Association Insurance Trust & Wellview Health, strategic messaging and value proposition for statewide strategy to engage employees of 250 Georgia banks to change their lives and behaviors, and become healthier.

The GBA Insurance Trust, a $100,000,000 insurance trust, is recognized as one of the most successful insurance trusts ever. Strategy communicates the agreement that unhealthy living is justifiable and understandable; thus driving markets to feel unified. Over 5,000 employees registered in the first three months of market introduction.

“After all this time, finally!...a consultant who did what he said he was going to do. Absolutely brilliant…”

Dan Thomason, Chief Executive Officer
The Georgia Bankers Association Insurance Trust

Positioning An Unknown Priority

The Charles Jordan designs marketing strategy that forces fracking company to consider the single, most important factor for avoiding possible permanent damages to their brand, the environment, and the costly interruptions to their everyday operations, is the safe removal and transportation of “blackwater”. Positioned As the “70 year old Polyurethane, Large Diameter, No Trace™, Lay Flat Hose...” the message depicts a new value proposition that makes potential clients reconsider priorities and separates client from overseas and lower quality competitors.
“Marshall and I appreciate all of your firm's work and creativity. Our businesses are better as a result. We will have more work soon as we are aggressively on the acquisition trail. Thanks again!”

Robert G. Shuler
Managing Partner,
All American Hose

Marks Machine

Texas based, world-class machining company targeting the Oil & Gas industry, elects The Charles Jordan Group to lead national marketing initiatives and formulate strong strategic growth direction penetrating new markets. Client shares intention to hire Chief Sales Officer while The Charles Jordan Group recommends ensuring all marketing initiatives support overall sale pitch and value proposition of not only CSO, but all sales executives as well. Via digital motion graphics, clever messaging, and positing an uncharacteristic frame of mind, The Charles Jordan Group brings brand to life and provides relevant relationship amongst all newly created and existing marketing channels.

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