The Power of Strategic Alliances

The Charles Jordan Group raises occupancy rate and top-line revenue through sales of outdoor experiences and leads all marketing efforts to highly visible revenue growth. The group creates 2 crucial strategic alliances, Land Rover & The Orvis Company, and in turn, adds to value proposition and strengthens Prairie Wildlife brand. Client currently building additional room keys to satisfy growing demand.
“Simply impressive...”

Jimmy Bryan West Point, MS
formerly of Bryan Foods & proprietor of Prairie Wildlife

Synergizing All Holding Entities

All-American Holdings, private equity fund and holding company focused on buying non-core and/or under-performing businesses in the US & Europe with top line revenue ranging between $20 million and $250 million, chooses The Charles Jordan Group to formulate growth marketing platforms for its companies and subsidiaries. The group concentrates on developing a universal message that not only strengthens the synergy and brand between all holding entities, but also positions inspiring message to financial companies.
“Marshall and I appreciate all of your firm's work and creativity. Our businesses are better as a result. We will have more work soon as we are aggressively on the acquisition trail. Thanks again.”

Rob G. Schuler
Managing Partner | All American Holdings

Maximizing A Benefit Driven, Not Product Driven, Strategy

The Charles Jordan Group designs, formulates, and implements global branding strategy debuted at global trade show generating a 24.6% increase in potential customer base. Success is reached due to the marketability of benefits and not of the products. Platform is strengthened by nationwide causes that support newly created brand.
“…Your creativity and out-side of the box thinking has helped to mold an organization that we see growing daily. The idea of “Our Noble Mission” has created an environment that up until now was only a dream for us. With your marketing help and direction, we have been able to forge ahead while developing key associations that will certainly help us deliver our message for years to come…”

Michael Young CEO and Founder
Wacky Walk’r, Hatfield, Pennsylvania

Capitalizing On Incomparability

Proprietors of 6000 acres, private plantation based in Lee County, select The Charles Jordan Group to manage brand, drive growth, and ensure positive cash flow. The group develops boutique brand and formulates a strategic message separating sporting and tourism destination from vast options in the marketplace by capitalizing on the uniqueness of the offering. New experiences are created to offset low revenue months and strategic partnerships are created in order to expand market reach.
"Charlie...thank you! You know, if I would have met a few years ago, today there is a good chance I would be the former Governor of Georgia!"

Mark Taylor
Proprietor of Chokee & Former Lieutenant Governor of Georgia

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